When on the Saturday 25th of July, 2015 the YUDALA brand was launched with fanfare with official unveiling simultaneously of two of its pioneering retail shops at The Palms, Lekki and Computer Village in Ikeja, the brand came in big into the Nigerian virtual market with a difference.

The Yadala brands comes into the growing Nigerian online retail market with a unique value proposition and business model. Theirs is about the first ever brand to launch from day one both an online and offline retail shops. This means in essence that consumers have the choice of either picking up their goods from the physical retail outlets or opt in to order from the brand’s website and have goods delivered.

This concept is coming in to give the online Giants Jumia and Konga a run for their money. Jumia and Konga may have had the head start but YUDALA it seems is coming into the game to add some spice and extra options hitherto not offered by the two former brands.

With the launch, Yudala’s Vice President of Retail Stores, Mr Stanley Uzoechima confirmed that YUDALA is a huge platform which will re-define the concept of offline retail. As he says,

“First, we are bringing trust into the business space. When you buy Yudala, you are buying peace of mind as all our products are genuine and come directly from the Original Equipment Manufacturers. There is also the additional incentive of All Risks cover (except theft) from Sovereign Trust Insurance when you buy Yudala. We are the first business in which Management takes responsibility for every product bought from or delivered by us. This is Revolution.

Inside the YUDALA retail shop on Medical road, Computer Village, Ikeja. Photo credit: Exclusive Africa
Inside the YUDALA retail shop on Medical road, Computer Village, Ikeja. Photo credit: Exclusive Africa

“Also, we have a road-map to reach the millions of unreached Nigerians in the hinterlands and rural areas. Management and Board has approved the launch of 10 additional stores nationwide before the end of August 2015 and by June 2017, 151 Yudala Stores will go live. This figure will increase to 512 Stores by June 2019. In no time, there will be a Yudala Store in virtually every local government council in the country.

One of the features customers will particularly be thrilled about is the assurance that all goods come with an all risk cover which ensures that should you have complaint or anything go wrong with the goods ordered, you can be assured of a safe replacement or something close to that as well as the assurance knowing that every good bought is sourced directly from the manufacturer.

The YUDALA brand right now is offering a touch of spice to the huge Nigerian market which according to the ATKEARNEY survey is the fourth largest market for potential retail market demand and is projected to keep growing even in the coming years. With YUDALA Nigerians are promised exciting times in the coming days within the online market place and an added option.




  • October 8, 2015 at 6:24 am

    Yudala is bringing into Nigeria a value that most people will appreciate. It will also an opportunity of prices of some tech items to drop. With the launching of both a physical and online location to sell, I believe other competitors in the industry should sit tight and ready to fight for the market share.


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