Shenzen Right Net Company, a Chinese group of companies with key interests in Africa has launched an online trading platform set to disrupt the import – export market. They just launched, a web platform that will connect traders in Africa with manufacturers in China effectively cutting out middle men.

The African import business has historically been fraught with several unessential risks and expenses such as agent fees, travel and accommodation costs. Alongside getting rid of these expenses, will also provide the best bids to importers from among thousands of manufacturers. All services are rendered free and are accessible by opening an account on the website.

With this introduction into the Kenyan online market and with a growing adoption of mobile money and e-payment services, Kenya is likely to see a boost in virtual goods purchase and it remains to be seen if this is going to be Africa’s Alibaba experience.

Key officials are expected to be be in Kenya in the coming weeks to set up this new entrant into the online market space in Kenya.

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