Its divergent array and style of colours evidences the richness in African culture and arts, something that continues to be an envy and admiration of visitors from other parts of world..

Daviva as a brand has its origin from the West African country of Ghana and presently enjoys cross border adoption and embrace. From the Daviva franchise shop in City Mall in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital to several individual franchise holders spread across the country and 5 other African countries namely Ghana, Benin, Code d’ Ivoire, DRC and Senegal, the beautiful and rich colours of Africa are put on display and goes to show just how much diversity is present in Africa.

As a fashion brand, Daviva blends exceptional designs found only with traditional African fabrics such as Kente (Ghana ),  Adinkra, Adire (Nigeria),  Batik (Nigeria), Ewe (Ghana),  Korhogo ( Ivory Coast), Kuba and many others.

These fabrics are mostly traditionally made. A trip to the Western part of Nigeria where the Adire fabric has as it’s home reveals  the way the beautiful colors are achieved. Here there are two types, the first one is made by dying and stitching a design with raffia while the second method is by painting freehand or stenciled using a starchy paste gotten from cassava or yams. The Adire is worn specially by the Yoruba folks during special occasions.

The Batik is processed by applying melted traditional wax to achieve specific designs on the fabric. In other to achieve a multi colour design, several colors are applied unto each other starting with the lightest colour. The fabric is sun dried after each stage before the application of the next colour after which the wax is scrapped off or by boiling it off the material.

The Kente fabric which originated from the Fante people of Ghana is rich in colour and each design carries special meanings and significance. The Kente  is originally woven in a 4-inch wide strips.

Among the Kente people, unique colours are worn for specific occasions. Red is associated with death or bloodshed and is usually during political rallies; while green stands for fertility and worn by girls.

With fashion trend ever transiting, it is now not uncommon to see these traditional materials being used in making creative fashion pieces that are smart and go with the modern feel. Fashion designers such as Amaka Osakwe (Maki Oh) whose brand signature is dying by hand using traditional textile process and combining Western silhouettes and native materials to create compelling creative pieces,Modela Coutre, Dabo Fashion,Ifeyinwa Odo Shekinah (House of Misiano), Victoria Olarewaju (Kshhh) and several others continue to experiment and throw up innovative and creative masterpieces using African fabrics.

All these colours and diversity  put together which the Daviva brand promotes clearly shows the beautiful and rich colours that Africa has and these clearly embodies the collective story of the African continent and it’s people.

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