The “African Leadership: a Generational Dialogue” event, taking place on May 25, 2015 during this year’s Annual Meetings in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, aims to engage young leaders around the world to contribute to the vision for Africa in the coming 50 years. The event will see the launch of the Emerging Leaders Programme (ELP), an initiative that seeks to provide a ‘legacy’ of developing leaders across the continent for the next generation. The ELP will be run by Common Purpose, a UK-based leadership facility, in association with Club of Madrid, which is involved in the promotion of democracy.

The “African Leadership: an Generational Dialogue” forum will host a panel discussion comprising representatives from international networks of young professionals and leaders from government, civil society, Multilateral Development Banks, international institutions, and private sector. They will share their vision, and ideas for the “Africa we want” in the next 50 years, interacting with eminent leaders present in the audience. This is aimed at fostering dialogue between generations.

Key outcomes of the session include a set of innovative ideas and practical solutions for the future ofAfrica. It is expected that the young leaders’ forum will come up with specific recommendations for governments, regional and international institutions.

The forum will serve as a platform for partnership between youth networks working on issues related to inclusive development in Africa.

The event has been organised by African Development Bank’s Young Professionals Programme (YPP). Currently the programme has 16 Young Professionals (YPs) and about 110 alumni.

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