The day March 28th 2015 will go down as a memorable day in the history of Nigeria and in the lives of Nigerians. For history was that day made in the Presidential election, the fourth in the fourth republic since the country’s return to civil rule in 1999. This is so because at the polls, the country’s opposition party for the very first time won the elections, beating the incumbent and ruling party which had been in power for 16 years.

Thus history was made as Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (Rtd), defeated incumbent President Goodluck Jonathan with over 2.5 million votes. Buhari had had polled a total of 15,424,921 votes while Jonathan gained 12,853,162 votes.

Buhari’s victory is significant on several fronts as never has a sitting President been defeated in the country. It also was the very first time the ruling party will lose to the opposition. This also was the fourth time Gen. Buhari, 72, would be contesting for the post of President!

Buhari, who ruled Nigeria between Jan 1984 and August 1985 from a military coup in December 1983 it would be recalled had announced after losing in 2011 that he was done contesting but had dramatically had a change of thought when the chances looked brighter with the merging of his Congress for Progressive Change with a mainly Northern dominance and a South West dominant Action Congress to form the party now known as the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The never say never spirit exhibited by Buhari is one that should inspire every Nigerian and African that indeed nothing is unachievable and no situation is hopeless.

With age no longer by his side, Mr. Buhari could have as well have maintained his stance and decide not to contest any more but then he never would have known he could still attain the dream of becoming Nigeria’s president.

The journey to election victory was itself fraught with series of challenges, with several propaganda and image damaging postulation by the opposition like the certificate scandal and allegation that he was merely a stooge of a major Chieftain and financier of the political party, Bola Tinubu, but like everyone who has ever amounted to anything, he rode on all of these, applying caution and persistence and today is the celebrated President-Elect.

His story bears semblance to that of Abraham Lincoln, who became the 16th President of the United States in 1860 after several failures and defeats. Mr. Buhari’s success today is a wakeup call to anyone with a desire in his heart today that indeed nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m-Possible. It’s all about your perspective and angle of view!


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