In this exclusive article Clem Chambers, Forbes columnist and author of the Amazon No.1 investing bestseller 101 Ways to Pick Stock Market Winners,  discusses the five golden rules to help you start trading successfully.

After you register for free, ADVFN  provides the essential tools and information to make the right investment decisions.

Here are FIVE rules, ALL available for free on ADVFN, to stock market and  investing success!

  • Rule 1: Real time share prices

Follow the market live.

In a fast paced market investors need live and direct information on their stocks current price – finding out late that your investments are falling or booming can cost you a small fortune. Whilst other websites may only provide prices after a 15 minute delay, a free ADVFN account allows users to watch them in real time and see what trades are being made. This knowledge is absoutely essential.


  • Rule 2: Fundamental information

Know the figures.

A smart investor will not make an investment without conducting company background research.  Company annual results, along with key fundamental figures will give guidance to determining the long term trends and progression of a company.  ADVFN offers key financial information in the UK markets, US, Europe, Japan and many more over the past 10 years.


  • Rule 3: Portfolio tracking

Be organised.

Building a portfolio is a key strategy for invesment success. Being able to track your stocks in one easy to access and use platform allows you to see how they are performing, the overall value of your investments and assess whether they are providing you the returns you desire. An easy-to-manage portfolio is an essential role for market success and a free ADVFN account lets you do just that.


  • Rule 4: News

Be informed.

Informed decesions are the best decisions, when it comes to investing this means you need up-to-date knowledge of what’s going on globally. What happens in the US will effect you in the UK and what happens in China will affect the US. ADVFN News is desgined with this and the investor in mind by providing breaking market news and expert blogs from respected financial authors.


  • Rule 5: Opinion

Listen to others.

Bulletin boards are a great place to pick up new investing tips, gauge opinion and gain insight into the world of investing. With thousands of posts a day ADVFN’s free bulletin boards are the ideal place to talk with other investors and discuss your opinion about the current state of the market.


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